Top 30 manga ranking countdown rules

Yesterday, I compiled a list of my top 30 favorite manga that I have read up to April, 2013. Furthermore, I decided to give doing my top 30 manga review/recommendation a try.

Basically, I will “count down” my top 30 favorite manga in the order from no. 30 to no. 1. With each post, I will talk about the reasons that I like a particular work in a manga review format.

I started reading manga 4 years ago. Therefore, “newer” manga that are drawn after 2000’s are fair game for being on the list. There is quite a variety of excellent manga/manhwa on the list, including most categories excluding shoujo and yaoi.

Finally, I want to emphasize that although comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcome, I do not want to see outright flaming on my blogs. This is my top manga countdown. I tried to draw on what I have read (which totals to 58.2 days according to and tried to construct this as objective as possible. I will certainly miss out on some of your favorite works, either because I did not like it enough to secure a spot on the list or I haven’t read it.

With all that being said, I welcome any comments pertaining to the particular manga/manhwa on the countdown, or any works that is similar.

Here is my personal myanimelist profile page. After you enter my profile page, you can click on my Manga List to view all manga that I have read with detailed information on each (such as a score out of 1o).


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