No. 30: La Mosca

created by Kang Hyung Kyu

la mosca

Genre: Action, Mystery, Seinen, Survival

Status: finished


Kashoo, the incredibly popular confectionery and coffee company, produces the most addicting products. However, there is a mystery behind how the company obtains its raw materials. What lurks on the island from which they obtain their caffeine-laden goods? Just what type of contract are people who are hired to work on this island signing? (source: myanimelist)

Ready for some bloody scenes and epic fights? Interested to find out what dark conspiracies are yet to be uncovered? Tired of works that ends with numerous loose ends and leaves plot holes? Want to experience the thriller ride that will not end until you finish the entire 46 chapters? La Mosca is the perfect choice!

La Mosca 2

This is not to say that La Mosca is a flawless piece of work by any means. To start with, the character development in this work is weak. In fact, not much sentiment other than the will to survive and to protect is shown from the protagonist, of whom we spend the most time with. Furthermore, critics may say that the protagonist is shrouded by hero’s halo, which is definitely true in this case. During the course of this manhwa, audiences have seen numerous cases where the protagonist would definitely die were he a normal person. Evidently, the protagonist survived them all, sometimes with a lack of convincing explanation other than “invincible protagonist effect”.

Aside from some several minor drawbacks, this manhwa is a nice read. Notably  the motives of all related characters (which are a lot) are outlined in the form of flashbacks at the appropriate times. This is the recipe of good mystery-solving/story-telling technique.

Personally, I liked the art (refer to snapshot above).

For people who are already accustomed of reading manhwa, this is definitely a great choice. For people who haven’t yet tried any manhwa or are hesitant to try one, this could be a starting point.


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