No. 29: Melo Holic

Before I talk about this title, I want to briefly introduce a relatively unknown type of drawn work, webtoon (online comic strip, typically Korean).  Usually, they are drawn in full color and read in one long strip per chapter. From my experience, webtoon tend to focus on “animating” specific events. Thus, it can better capture little details, such as characters’ emotions and mental states using various computer graphics effects.

 melo holic 2

No. 29: Melo Holic

by Team Getname

Genre: Romance, Psychological, Comedy, Mystery, Detective

Status: finished


‘Have you been addicted to love?’ By Team Getname, the creators of Hanged Doll and Superior Day. The story features the protagonist, a young teacher who can read other people’s thoughts by only touching their bare skin. For someone who has never fallen in love, he suddenly falls in love with a girl whom he met in a park. By accident, he touches her hand, only to be surprised to find out that she is about to kill herself. The story unfolds as dark secrets are revealed.

Melo Holic is a romance-comedy story with heavy leaning on psychological thrillers. In this short (73 full strips/chapters) story, there are funny moments, sad moments, scary moments, as well as heart-warming moments.  Beware of countless dangers, several murders, and a psycho stalker! 



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