No. 26: Hanged Doll

by Team getname

hanged doll1

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Pyschological, Detective, and Horror

Status: finished


Five individuals, 24 years old. Their first memory starts in 1994, and it all revolves around a mysterious crime that occurred… Will they be able to escape the dangers? (Source: Bamboo Garden)

Yet another production from Team getname! Hanged Doll is even darker and more sinister than Melo Holic. This time, there is no hint of comedy or light-hearted moments. The entire 70 chapters are filled with conspiracies, suspicion, horror, and more suspicion!

A notable element in Hanged Doll is flashbacks. The plot revolves heavily around the events happened in the past. Mystery is slowly revealed as story progresses, and chilling truths are uncovered. Readers would not be disappointed by the conclusion in the end.

Recommend to anybody who loves psychological thrillers.


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