No. 23: Soul Eater

By Atsushi Ookubo

soul eater

Genres: Shounen, Action, Supernatural, Comedy, Adventure

Status: completed


In a world where technicians wield the select humans who can turn into weapons, Shinigami-sama created a school to teach young technicians and their shape shifting partners what it means to be a just death god. In order to create the ultimate weapon, the students of the school must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and 1 witch. (source unknown)

Soul Eater 2

I know that the summary makes this manga seem quite retarded, but this is definitely not a manga to be overlooked if you are looking for both hot-blood fight and humor.

The action in Soul Eater is not characteristic of shounen manga for two reasons.

REASON 1: the action scenes usually are not very long, but still capture the essence of hot-blood epicness.

REASON 2: the protagonist does not always win! The comedy, on the other hand, appears at the most unexpected moments, but not so inappropriate that it disrupts the flow of the story.

Soul Eater 3

Personally, the art style of Soul Eater is a major drawback. The writer employs a rarely seen drawing style that resembles cartoons, making the characters and background seem childish. I was uncomfortable with the art at first, and only got used to it after reading a quarter of the story.

Underneath the cartoon-ish façade, Soul Eater is a dark story with sinister twists, betrayal, and conspiracies.  Even though the panels themselves never show any graphic scenes, a chilling sentiment still echoes through my bones after I read through most of the manga.

I would recommend Soul Eater to Shounen manga lovers, but not to those who hate shallow, flat characters.

Warning: The ending (and the parts leading to the ending) of this series is quite disappointing to say the least. If I were to re-rank the manga now, Soul Eater would not be on this list anymore.


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