No. 24: Watashitachi no Tamura-kun

Story:  Yuyuko Takemiya

Art:  Sachi Kurafuji

watashitachi no tamurakun 1

Genres: Romance, Drama, Coming-of-Age, Ecchi, School

Status: finished


Komaki Matsuzawa, a mysterious girl who keeps writing “return to her home star” on the paper of her study of career every time. Hiroka Souma, who is the most beautiful girl in the school, and who is also as cold as “tundra”. Yukisada Tamura, who is a boy, and who got to make strenuous efforts with rushing around in circle by such two a-bit-wire girls. This is the story of an ordinary boy and two cute girls’ amusing twinging moments of love, in the seasons rushes through like comet.
(Source: MU)

Watashitachi no Tamura-kun is a sappy romance-drama manga that has a typical love-triangle setup, but its phenomenal narration of the story more than makes up for the cliché and turns the story into an absorbing reading experience. The readers will have a hard time guessing how the story will unfold, but at the same times, readers can’t help but put themselves in the protagonists shoes, and guess what they will do next. In short, the story is concise yet wonderful.

The art is drawn in a light, casual style. The backgrounds and characters are drawn superbly. In fact, the female protagonists would be the female character models that I love the most, very similar to Inori in “Guilty Crown”, for example.

watashitachi no tamura kun 2

In conclusion, if you would like to sit back and enjoy a short, snappy romance story, or feel like you want to go through an teenage emotional roller coaster, Watashitachi no Tamura-kun is a good choice.


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