Some good online manga reading sites …

While some people may prefer to read manga in the book form, others prefer to read online. I am one of them.

There are many advantages for reading manga online:

1. It is free

2. Easy to find the manga you want

3. Online manga reading sites also serve as an avenue of manga recommendation

4. Updates for manga always come faster online

Of course, there are disadvantages:

1. Harm your eyes if reading for a long time continuously

*from my experience, if you are reading at night, it is much, much better for your eyes to open the lights while reading. I wear glasses because of it.

2.  Sometimes pages take time to load

Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages, I am here to share a few online sites on which you can read manga:

1. Manga Here (

This is my current “default” manga-reading sites. It has 10000+ manga available, adding up to pretty much most of the manga you would want to read. The resolution of manga is typically quite high, though loading can sometimes cause problems. Another thing to note is that Manga Here is especially known for its storage of adult manga, although it is by no means its only forte.

2. Manga Fox (

Another big manga-reading site. Samilar setup as Manga Here, though the covers pictures for manga are more colorful. More importantly, the advanced search function on Manga Fox generates more satisfying results.

3. Manga Panda ( or [note: these 2 are the same])

It has generally very fast updates available, a advantage that is important for shounen jump fans. However, as a newer site, it has less storage of manga. Furthermore, this might be biased, but I think it has lower graphics quality in some cases.

4. Batotoes (

It is actually a very good site, but I am not as familiar with it. I do know for a fact though that if you are interested in webtoons, you can read them in full comic strip with the highest graphics quality.

5. Manga Stream (

This site only gives the have the updates (the latest few chapters) for the most popular manga (i.e. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, etc.). It is on popular demand because due to licensing, the scans of these manga are deleted from most other big sites.


The Company (

a webtoon scantilating group that I really like.

Easy Going Scans (

another webtoon scantilating group.


2 thoughts on “Some good online manga reading sites …”


    This website seems to be as good as MangaHere as well. I don’t know how many mangas this website has, but it’s “Manga-Viewer” is better than the one at MangaHere in that clicking on it scrolls onto the next “panel” until the bottom/last panel where it will go to the next page. Also, It has an option to allow “multiple-page-viewing” in a “straight-down-line”-scroll.

    It’s pretty cool! You should check it out!

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