A brain twister that would be useful for life

This is a riddle that is at once thought-provoking, fun, and heart-warming. It goes like this:


You are driving in a car. On a stormy night, you pass by a bus stop. There are three people who are anxiously waiting. The first person is an old man. His life is in danger, and he needs to get to the hospital immediately. The second person is a doctor. He saved your life once, and you vowed that you would do anything for him no matter what. The last person is a woman (man). She (He) is someone love so much, that you would want to marry her (him) no matter what.

Unfortunately, there is only one spot available in your two-seat car. You must make a decision. Who would you choose to sit in your car?



I will post my answer in the comment a day later



2 thoughts on “A brain twister that would be useful for life”

  1. Have the doctor drive the old man to the hospital, and sit with your beloved in the rain. She’ll definitely be impressed. 😉

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