No. 10: Witch Hunter

By Jung-Man Cho

witch hunter 2

Genre: Manhwa, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, (Comedy), Supernatural, Ecchi, Romance

Status: On-going


Witches suddenly declare war against humans, causing two-thirds of the world to fall apart. They summon monsters called “Supporters” and devastate human residences… but why?

Survivors gather people with the power to combat the witches and called them Witch Hunters! Tasha Godspell is one of the strongest nicknamed “The Marksman” along with his “Jack-O-Lantern” looking Supporter. He fights the witches but cannot really bring himself to hate them…
(Source: MU)

Witch Hunter is one of the few Korean Manhwa that enjoy popular reception from the general populace of manga readers. The biggest reason is that WH leaves readers in suspense of wanting to see the answer in the next chapter. At the beginning of the manhwa, readers are thrown into a world of witches and witch hunters, and of course, war among various factions in power. Many facts and deeply buried secrets about this world are revealed along the way, but as always, more questions just come popping up. What happened to Tasha, our protagonist, in the past? Who exactly is “Halloween”, Tasha’s supporter or somebody else? How is Tasha important to the great witches’ big plan?

Witch hunter 3

Cliff-hangers aside, the true strength of WH lies in its great narration. The narrative focuses most of the time on Tasha (though with some chapters focusing on another character later). Even though he would probably be an extremely annoying person in real life, readers tend to be so pulled in by the mood, emotions, and thoughts of Tasha that he becomes cool nevertheless. Given that Tasha is a stubborn and strong-minded individual who would not shirk from fighting opponents stronger than him for the cause that he believes in, the result is a series of epic magic fights that will leave you gasping for air. (the difference between this and typical shounen manga is that “the cause” is definitely not some abstract idea like protecting “nakama”, but more personal in nature)

Lastly, I want to comment on the art style of this manhwa (for those of you who put a strong emphasis on art style). The characters generally look childish, and a little bit emo, too. At first, I had trouble getting used to the art style, but it become acceptable after a few chapters. Cho draws all the characters differently. Therefore, there is a nice range of designs in the characters cast. However, the background is simple with black and white fill-out.

witch hunter 4


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