No. 1(.5): Tower of God

By SIU (Slave. In. utero)

Tower of God 1

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Action, Webtoon

Status: On-going


What do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? Whatever you desire, ‘that’ is here, at Tower of God. Join Twenty-Fifth Baam as he climbs each level of the Tower to find his beloved friend, Lahel. Not daunted by anything, he is determined to reach the top.

Sounds epic? Hell yes. This webtoon is every bit as epic as its introduction. In fact, it had only taken four chapters to have me completely captivated, and only thirty-two chapters (at that time it was the newest update) to have me fallen in love with webtoon in general. Indeed, after that, Tower of God only becomes better and better.

What’s more amazing is the writer/artist of this webtoon. He is actually a college student in Korea. Yet, he manages to release a new chapter almost every week, always fraught with twists, turns, and refreshing yet familiar ToG-styled art. Here is a person who knows how to do great brainstorming before drawing. The result? A mixture of remarkable story design, colored-panel pages, awesome characters, and many Sundays spent waiting for the new update of ToG to come out.

So, with all those praise about Tower of God, exactly why is it so good?



If you have read some of my previous reviews on manga/manhwa so far, you might have noticed that I don’t usually factor in art quality as a large part of my evaluation. In the case of Tower of God, I must make an exception. For full quality whole-strip webtoon of ToG, please go to to read The Company’s translation of Tower of God. Not only is the background beautifully and vibrantly designed, but the characters designs also are effective and never adhering only to any one type of character models. Tower of God is a prime example of how the panels of webtoon can be supremely elegant and entertaining if the coloring scheme and perspectives’ angles are chosen thoughtfully.

Having said all that, it is not surprising that I give a score of 10/10 for art.

tog art
a snap shot from chapter 1



I am not claiming that Tower of God is perfect in terms of plot by any means, since it is a little bit long (150 chaps) and would probably be on-going for quite a while yet. However, if you are looking for a plot that …

A)     Takes place in a purely imaginative and immensely creative world

B)      Shows outstanding consistency in that every arc moves the story closer to the next step (so far)

C)      Twists and turns and coils and bends and unwinds, and still manages to proceed smoothly like it was all planned beforehand

D)     Starts out from one of the most used tropes in any medium, that of a powerless guy who is “somehow special”, and create an original story out of it

E)      Has hot-blooded, awe-inspiring fight in an epic proportion that rivals even major Shounen manga

Give the story section a solid 10/10.


Tower of God has a large and well-made character cast. It is hard to not like the main characters. One little problem stands out, though, that the webtoon introduces too large of a cast in such a small period of time. A lot of characters have preciously little “screen time”. Still, many characters made a large impression on me, always a good mark of well-built characters.

9/10 (so far)

Tower of God 2


An amazing piece of work! It’s a relief seeing the artist and his work being more recognized now than when I just started reading.

Would recommend this to most everybody, except for people who absolutely hate anything having to do with fantasy.


Here is a link to Tower of God Wikia:

I used to be involved with writing articles on this Wikia. It has great information on Tower of God, and would help answering any questions that you still have about this webtoon.


5 thoughts on “No. 1(.5): Tower of God”

  1. Sounds great! Your description has made me want to go check it out! I haven’t watched any webtoons yet, so it’ll be a first for me. Maybe once the author achieves more recognition he might get an official animation.:)

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