Manga Ranking Countdown – Ending Words and Full List

It’s been a exhilarating ride writing this series. At first, it was just something to do for fun. Then, it becomes a good way to maintain my composition ability while I am not taking any humanity courses. In the end, it has become a habit and something to look forward to at the end of a busy day.

It would not be possible without my subscribers and anyone who has read my posts. Without you guys, I would not have the incentive to keep up writing.

So I would like to say, Thanks. Thank you, for taking your time reading these posts.

Anyways, my next project would be top 20 anime countdown. It will have a format similar to the manga countdown. Please check it out.

Again, and sincerely,

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

Here is my full list:

  1. Rave Master
  2. Tower Of God ^
  3. Kimi no Iru Machi ^
  4. Naruto ^
  5. Bleach ^
  6. Future Dairy
  7. Psyren
  8. Fairy Tail ^
  9. The Breaker (+ New Waves ^)
  10. Trace
  11. Witch Hunter ^
  12. Break Blade ^
  13. Velvet Kiss
  14. Btooom! ^
  15. Immortal Regis (+ Cavalier of the Abyss ^)
  16. Full Metal Alchemist
  17. Ga-rei
  18. One Piece ^
  19. Onani Master Kurosawa
  20. Defense Devil
  21. Rosario + Vampire (+ II ^)
  22. Black Cat
  23. Mx0
  24. Soul Eater
  25. Watashitachi no Tamura-kun
  26. The moment a fox becomes a Wolf
  27. Hanged Doll
  28. 20th century boys (+ 21st century boys)
  29. Beelzebub ^
  30. Melo Holic
  31. La Mosca

note: ^ denotes on-going manga/manhwa

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2 thoughts on “Manga Ranking Countdown – Ending Words and Full List”

  1. Thanks for your articles! You’ve introduced a lot of titles that are worth checking out and your passion for manga really comes out in your writing! I’ll be waiting for your anime countdown!:)

    1. Thanks a lot. I am just glad that there are people who are interested in reading what I have to say. I feel encouraged when I see bloggers leave a comment or a like on my post. So I am especially grateful to you for always leaving a positive comment on my post.

      That being said, I might take a little break from blogging for a short while. I’ll definitely be back with doubled speed when the winter break starts.

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