TOP Anime OP ED Countdown #17

Sankarea OP

“Esoragoto (絵空事)” by nano.RIPE

used as OP for episodes 1 – 14 (including OVA).

This song is something I would listen to when I am bored, depressed, happy, hyper, or even mad ~~


3 thoughts on “TOP Anime OP ED Countdown #17”

  1. Awesome song – and I thought the beat synced well with the animation. This song got me into nano.RIPE; I especially enjoyed the album Hoshi no Yoru no Myaku no Oto no. Do you like any of their other stuff?

    1. Yes. Actually I liked nano.RIPE’s song for Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita OP (It’s a 2012 kind of obscure anime). I thought the OP fits the anime quite well.

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