TOP Anime OP ED Countdown #21

Sword Art Online OP 1

“crossing field” by LiSA

used as OP in episodes 2 – 14.

To be honest, I didn’t think this opening is very good until I saw a lot of people on youtube put this on their top OP list. I watched this opening again several times, then I understood why.

In a way, the contents of animation is standard, focusing on the male and female protagonists while briefly introducing supporting characters.

That said, its shining points are the style of animation. The backgrounds in this OP is slightly different from the majority of animation materials found in the anime, in a refreshing way. Remarkably, the coordination between opening song “Crossing Field” and the animation is near perfect. That is, the mood of animated materials correspond to the intensity of the song. In my opinion, this is exactly what makes this opening “good”.


3 thoughts on “TOP Anime OP ED Countdown #21”

  1. I’m a bit biased about this one cause I love the song, and I agree, it syncs well with the animation in the OP. This was one anime where I liked all the OPs and EDs. Did you enjoy the anime as well?

    1. In terms of enjoyment factor it was like 8.5/10. I enjoyed it a lot. Thinking back though, the plot is quite organized around the harem style. A lot of characters are not all the well-developed either.

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