TOP Anime OP ED Countdown #22

Neon Genesis Evangelion OP

“Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis (残酷な天使のテーゼ, A Cruel Angel’s Thesis)” by Yoko Takahashi

used as OP for episode 1 – 26.

This is a “classic” opening, as proclaimed by many Evangelion fans. Whether you agree with this statement or not, this is definitely an opening with an engaging opening song, rapid flashing frames of various scenes, and an animation standard that is excellent for 1995.


3 thoughts on “TOP Anime OP ED Countdown #22”

  1. Wow this brings back memories. I must say most nineties anime OPs never really appealed to me (with the exception of Macross 7), even early 2000s ones. I guess it could just be personal taste. Being Evangelion, the animation is wonderful and like you said, really brilliant for its time period.:-)

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