TOP Anime OP&ED Countdown: Foreword

Alright. So after procrastinating through doing anime movie countdown and anime series countdown on wordpress, I’ve decided to do something easier and involving more visuals. That is, anime OP(opening)-ED(ending) countdown.

Usually, a 10 – 13 episode-long anime would have 1 OP and 1 ED each, while a 22 – 26 episode-long anime would have 2 OP and 2 ED each. Rarely, an anime would have more OPs (more likely) and EDs than this proportion.

I want to proclaim here that this top OP-ED countdown does not represent how good an anime is in my opinion. However, it does represent how good the OP or ED is in my opinion.

Now, time for some rules.

1. Strictly 1 OP or ED per anime series. That include all seasons, movies, specials, or OVAs that is related to a series.

2. I do not follow any of the long-running (shounen) anime shows. I do read them in manga, a fact that you would recognize had you seen my TOP manga countdown list from this blog. If you are expecting any OPs or EDs from your favorite Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, or One Piece, you are not going to find any.

3. Obviously, these OPs and EDs are from anime shows that I have seen. I have seen a fair amount of well-rated anime, but not every anime ever to be aired. Don’t be disappointed if a really good anime OP you like doesn’t appear on this countdown. Maybe if I make a version 2 of this list, it will appear on it.

Criteria for OP/ED …

1. First and foremost, the thing that I (and most other people) look for in an OP or ED is, in fact, how good the song is. There are many types of good OP songs, be it emotional, sexy, up-beat, refreshing, or simply gorgeous.

2. Next, animation during OP or ED is also very important, albeit not as important as the song in my opinion. A successful animation during OP either have different (animation) styles as the rest of the anime, as well as fitting (coordinating) well with the opening song. The most common type of opening possible is a simple introduction of character cast with still animation. The most common type of ending possible is rolling credit.

3. Another benchmark of excellent OP or ED is that it fits the theme of the anime well. For example, a horror anime would be best-served with a creepy, dark opening.

4. Finally, the last criteria is the number of times an OP or ED is used. This is not a elimination type of requirement, but more times used (in different episodes) would be a plus, and less time used would be a minus.

** Now that I’ve written the rules, let me take some minutes to make the actual list (I have all the candidates read but still need to rank them).


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