Why I don’t read much of mainstream shounen manga.

XD Accurately describes cliches found in (battle) Shounen Manga.

*imperfect girl*


The following is A RANT, and is not meant for people who don’t like rants.

If you must know, I’m a manga addict. I absolutely love them and cannot live without them.

Did I say manga? I meant SHOUJO manga. I don’t read anything other than shoujo subject to a few exceptions. The only shounen mange I have read so far are Nisekoi, Naruto( not fully!), Hayate no Gotoku, Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo and Fairy tail. I have read others, but they aren’t etched to my memory. These are the mainstream shounen manga. I know, shounen manga is intended only for guys, but people always criticize me when I talk about shoujo, saying, “Shounen is better!” Now you may think I am an outright idiot, specially if YOU are a manga addict and love Shounen manga and think shoujo is stupid, let me enlighten you before you cuss about…

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