My Worst Manga Countdown

Today, I will be making a list of some of the worst manga that I had the misfortune of reading. I will be filtering out most of the less well-known manga.

That’s right, you did not guess wrong. This boils down to a post that bashes at a lot of manga. And no, I am not a hater for no reason. In fact, if you are not at least as heavily invested in manga as I am, you probably won’t even recognize any titles on here. That’s fine, too. You can just take my words for it and avoid these travesties.

#7: Come Come Vanilla!

art by: Chihiro Harumi ~  story by: Daisuke Tazawa

This manga is featured because it gained some popularity on (search completed manga and this one will be on the first page sorted by popularity). A generic comedy romance school manga that tells a strange tale of our MC’s harem, which consists of Ibu Kiriko, the scientist who loved MC since she was little, and her creation, the cat girl Vanilla!

Since this is the last place for the worst manga countdown, this manga is not actually that bad. Well, not as bad as it is boring, anyways. It is disappointing to know this is from the same artist as Velvet Kiss. Seriously, why can’t someone capable of good story writing work with her?

#6: Tokage no Ou

art by: Shiki Kamizuki ~  story by: Hitoma Iruma

Same as the last one, this manga gained popularity at, sitting solidly at #217 in popularity on the said site (mangahere you piece of shit!). This one actually showed a lot of promise. From what one can gather at first glance, it has a wonderful premise, an interesting chapter naming-scheme, and only 15 chapters. This is a pleasant way to spend the next hour, right?

Wrong. Words of advice #1: Never read a mystery manga that has a measly 15 chapters. #2: Read comments posted below before proceeding to read it.

While the source material light novel might not be bad at all, this manga happens to be a prologue of the said source material. It offers a confusing story that ended … wait … it ended? continue in the light novel?

So yes. Basically no ending at all. A friendly suggestion to all future mangaka who plans to make adaptations of light novels, make a complete story. onegaishimasu.

#5: To LOVE-Ru

art by: Kentarou Yabuki ~  story by: Saki Hasemi

A very popular series that first published in 2006. It is worth mention that the same manga artist also drew Black Cat.

To LOVE-Ru basically tell a story of our MC’s ever-growing harem (deja-vu much? it gets better!). This manga takes the concept of harem to extreme. Only looking at the poster, we realize that there are at least 12 female members in MC’s harem. I have read 1/3 of this manga, and from what I have gathered, it has no worthwhile drama, little character development, and no funny moments except for the same old ecchi jokes! Guess what? this manga has a total of 162 chapters and 18 volumes…

#4: Yuutai Nova

by Shuuzou Oshimi

In all honesty, somewhat of an interesting story, if not bizarre. It borders between ecchi and hentai. The ending is the most problematic, however, since the ending fails to bring any sort of closure.

#3: Freezing

art by: Kwang Hyun Kim ~ story by: Dal Young Im

currently a very popular series that first published in 2007. Well, it does have one thing going. It does have good art, though not every female has to have a breast size that is bigger than F!

This manga has a very cliched premise in terms of works of similar setting, and very cliched execution. Had it only been cliched, though, it wouldn’t even been on this list. It also has a very dark plot that heavily involves in abuse of women. Unnecessarily dark, because character motives are overly emphasized and illogical. The characters are unimpressive, dull, and depressing as fuck to watch.

#2: Mixim 11

by Nobuyuki Anzai

mangaka of critically acclaimed MAR and Flame of Recca. Mixim 11 is perhaps one of the most wasted potential I’ve ever seen. It literally turned from what sounded genuinely interesting to a heap of crap. And I am not talking about the anime Sword Art Online’s level here. It is something in a much, much more drastic level.

#1: High School Musical

unknown mangaka

the lowest ranked manga on myanimelist, and therefore gained some popularity that way. It is an one-shot that has a total of ten pages, and what mind-blowing ten pages! I even wrote a review for it. You guys can read it for some lols. (scroll down to the last review by bunny_lover)

Note: shows some of the lowest-ranked one-shots on MAL.


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