Anime & Manga Pairing Countdown Foreword

Yes. A new project from bunny, and a more interesting (and subjective) one for that matter.

This will be a top 20 countdown of best couples from all manga and anime that I’ve seen, following several criteria.

1. The couple will “end up” with each other. If the story ends in tragedy, they must “emotionally end up” with each other.

*This eliminates a lot of harems

2. In a lot of action series where romance is not the main focus, it wouldn’t be on the countdown unless the reasons for fighting (so to speak) is entirely for the purposes of romance.

*eliminates Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece, etc. Please don’t complain.

3. Stories that only hint at the romance between main characters will not be included generally.

*eliminate a lot of slice-of-life anime

4. Minor pairings will not be included.

5. One couple per series.


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