Anime&Manga Pairing Countdown #10 – #7

#7 Emiru Ikuno x Tatsuhiko Kido in Nozoki Ana (Manga)

Emiru x Kido
Emiru x Kido

People form different kinds of relationship with each other. They vary from families, friends, acquaintances, lovers, and apparently, individuals who are form perverted relationships with each other. However, sometimes even perverted relationships may develop into unbreakable love.

The development of relationship between Emiru and Kido is a tale of betrayal, perversion, and primal desires. However, even though they were hurt in the process many times, they also experienced warmth, safety, and comfort from each other. In the end, both characters were able to overcome their surroundings and their pasts because the strength of their love.

#8 Kensuke Nimura x Kagura Tsuchimiya in Ga-rei (Manga, Anime[Ga-rei: Zero])

Kensuke x Kagura
Kensuke x Kagura

In the under-rated and under-exposed manga known as Ga-rei, we have our female lead, a cold, determined spirit-exterminator Kagura and our male lead Kensuke, who is a noobie at the supernatural business and only qualifies as an exterminator because of his supernatural sight ability. While Kagura does not fall into the emotionless girl clone of Ayanami Rei stereotype, she might as well be exactly that in terms of romance at the beginning of the story.

Well, how does Kensuke gets someone like Kagura to date him? Simple. Beat the shit out of final boss after solving the mystery in the most epic form possible, all the while saving the world and arguably more importantly, Kagura. Oh and did I mention that his sword is one that can cut through time and dimension if the heroine needs to be saved?

#9 Taichi Yaegashi x Himeko Inaba in Kokoro Connect (Anime, Light Novel)

Taichi x Inaba
Taichi x Inaba

If you have never before experienced love and purely rely on anime, manga, or other works of fiction to interpret a hard-to-describe experience like love, you might be deluded into thinking that most people will find their soul mate in their first romantic experience. In the real world, the lifetime long partner that you end up with may not be your first love. In fact, it is rare that someone does spend a lifetime with her first love (definitely not the case for me anymore). Fortunately, we have something like Kokoro Connect to illustrate this point (given that you have watched Kokoro Connect: Michi Random).

Love may not work out in the first try. That’s fine. Accept the fact that it didn’t work out and treasure the memories. You might just find that special someone who does happen to be your soul mate on the next try. In this case, Taichi x Inaba.


#10 Ryousuke Kaga x Lisara Restall in Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. (Light Novel, Anime, Manga)

ryou x lisara
Ryou x Lisara

A lot of you might be wondering just why the hell is a couple from an ecchi show on the list, but I have my reasons. Despite Ryousuke’s deeply rooted enthusiasm in eroticism, he remains faithful to his only love, Lisara, and is not shy to express it (both his love and his faithfulness). Again, we as audience are treated to a character who never loses sight of what he truly love and stick to that mindset firmly. Even if several girls fall for him, frequently tempting him with fan-service that would make any man veer off course, he still proudly keeps his eyes only on Lisara. Of course, it helps that his love interest is a red-haired, scythe-wielding sexy demon tsundere.

In the end, it would be most bizarre if Lisara did not fall for Ryousuke. After all, we are talking about a guy who dares to tell his crush that “size doesn’t matter” with a convincing voice that implies he meant it right after Lisara loses out on a breast-size contest. 


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