Anime&Manga Pairing Countdown #15 – #11

#11 Romeo Candorebanto Montague x Juliet Fiammata Asto Capulet in Romeo x Juliet (Anime)

romeo x juliet
romeo x juliet

As outrageous as it sounds, I’ve enjoyed all 3 loosely adapted European classics anime (Romeo x Juliet, Gankutsuou, and Zetsuen no Tempest) more than the source literature. And yes, I have read Romeo and Juliet, Count of Mount Cristo, and The Tempest. But I digress. Let’s talk about this couple.

Romeo and Juliet share so many naive but well-intended dreams as well as being alike in so many ways, that it is almost impossible for us audience to not like this couple. Unfortunately, the ill-fated lovers can not avoid their tragic fate even in the anime world, but the least they can do is to sacrifice themselves to create a better tomorrow for everyone else, in the most magical, heart-warming, and memorable manner.

#12 Hikari Hanazono x Takishima Kei in Special A (Manga, Anime)

hikari x kei
hikari x kei

The only Shoujo you will find on this countdown, perhaps just something that proves I also read Shoujo manga. This manga predates Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and (I think) it sets an archetype of shoujo all on its own, an impressive feat. That said, I enjoyed this coupling entirely for its shoujo goodness the wrong reason, something that might piss off the entire female population (especially the feminists), but I’ll go ahead and say it anyways.

Kei and Hikari’s romance progresses along with Hikari’s realization that in certain areas she can never surpass her boyfriend, but that’s fine in itself. After all, instead of treating it like some sort of competition, who wouldn’t want a husband who excels at everything, but still remain loyal to you and yours truly.

#13 Yukiteru Amano x Yuno Gasai in Mirai Nikki (Manga, Anime)

yukiteru x yuno
yukiteru x yuno

It is my firm belief that everyone will find true love in their lifetime. In the world of anime, some boys will meet cutesy girls, some will encounter tsundere girls, and for a few chosen ones, they will get to know the most (in)famous anime archetype there is, Yandere. In that case, you are screwed may just have a shot at achieving godhood, even though you girlfriend can be … clingy … at times. 

#14 Kyon x Haruhi Suzumiya in Suzumiya Haruhi Series (Light Novel, Anime)

haruhi x kyon
haruhi x kyon

Well, how can I forget our favorite comedic couple? Yes, I do realize that romance between our male and female leads undergoes drastic development barely develops throughout the series, but everyone has different way of being in a relationship, right?

Besides, let’s not forget that Kyon is the guy who granted all of Haruhi’s true wishes (of making a club that does whatever it wants to) and, the guy who ultimately chooses a world that is vulnerable to destruction at any moment over a stable, peaceful world, if only because a certain annoying yet familiarly comforting “god” known as Haruhi Suzumiya exist in it. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

#15 Chihiro Furuya x Rea Sanka in Sankarea (Manga, Anime)

rea x chihiro
rea x chihiro

Everyone has fetishes. For our young Chihiro Furuya, it is an unadulterated, unchecked love for zombies. Who can blame him for falling in love with the gentle, cute, and shy zombie, Rea?

Moreover, democracy states that a human has rights to live however he wishes (within the bound of law), and if our heroine is happier living her life as a “zombie” along with her necrophiliac boyfriend (and likewise for Chihiro), it is their freedom to do so. Indeed, even the people with the weirdest fetishes (ie. Necrophilia) may find the perfect love.


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