Anime&Manga Pairing Countdown #6 – #4

#4 Okabe Rintarou x Makise Kurisu in Steins;Gate (Anime, Manga, originally Visual Novel)

"Hyouin Kyouma" x "Christina"
“Hyouin Kyouma” x “Christina”

There is a common expression, “opposites attract”, which applies to pretty much everything in life, including relationships. Well, much like how the central plot of Steins;Gate focuses on defying time and space (time-space!), the relationship between male and female leads, Okabe and Kurisu, is one where two shining examples of tsundere actually got together, defying the “likes repel” rule.

Indeed, how can two tsundere even talk without getting into arguments? The thing is, they argue with each other 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% is made up of Kurisu spewing out scientific explanations and Okabe pretending that he understands them. Somehow, this relationship works, and it is bloody brilliant! Furthermore, let’s not discount the fact that our one and only mad scientist “Hyouin Kyouma” risked his original worldline to save Kurisu, while Kurisu returns the favor by preventing him from disappearing later.

Love that transcend Time and Space? Check!


#5 Hiro Hirono x Miyamura Miyako in ef: A Tale of Memories. (Anime, Manga, originally Visual Novel)

Hiro x Miyako
Hiro x Miyako

Out of the 4 main couples of ef series, the pairing that I like the most is Hiro and Miyako. Ironic that this pairing is definitely the least unfortunate couple (you will know what I mean if you watched both seasons of ef series), and for most parts the relationship didn’t suffer too much angst (well a little bit).

Hiro and Miyako works well as a couple because of their character chemistry, and how easily and comfortably they can talk and spend time with each other. They’ve met their fair share of emotional trauma and obstacles along the way. In the end, they’ve discovered a fundamental truth about love. If two people enjoy spending time together and think of each other when they are apart, isn’t that already enough reason to love each other?

And so they did.

#6 Haru Glory x Elie in Groove Adventure Rave (Manga)

Haru x Elie
Haru x Elie

If you have never heard of Groove Adventure Rave or also called Rave Master, suffice to know that it is the predecessor of Fairy Tail (by the same mangaka), with much more superior story, less fan-service, and epic fights that make Fairy Tail looks silly in comparison. Besides from all that, objectively, one thing that it has and not a lot of other battle shounen has done is (light) romance. I have to admit that placing this couple as high as #6 on this countdown is mostly due to my fanboyism toward this manga.

However, if a guy and a girl spent 300 chapters worth of time together on an epic quest, naturally some sort of romance would develop between them, right? Being a battle shounen manga, Haru also saves Elie in an epic manner (of course, while saving the world in the process) while spewing out some cool lines that is characteristic of shounen. Honestly, Haru and Elie’s relationship epitomizes in the very last page of this manga, something so unexpected yet so appropriate that it would surely put a smile on reader’s face.


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