A brain twister that would be useful for life

This is a riddle that is at once thought-provoking, fun, and heart-warming. It goes like this:


You are driving in a car. On a stormy night, you pass by a bus stop. There are three people who are anxiously waiting. The first person is an old man. His life is in danger, and he needs to get to the hospital immediately. The second person is a doctor. He saved your life once, and you vowed that you would do anything for him no matter what. The last person is a woman (man). She (He) is someone love so much, that you would want to marry her (him) no matter what.

Unfortunately, there is only one spot available in your two-seat car. You must make a decision. Who would you choose to sit in your car?



I will post my answer in the comment a day later



About myself

Hi. This is my first time writing actual blogs. For my first one, I thought It would be a good idea to say something about myself.

I am Chinese and lived in Beijing in my childhood. Until when I was 12, my family immigrated to Canada. I attended my secondary school in Vancouver. For my college education, I decided to go to States. I chose a pretty good liberal art college in Philadelphia at random, and attended there every since.

I like the color blue. Sometimes listen to popular music or play some sports (such as basketball, badminton, or running). Most of the times, though, I stay in my room and do stuff on my computer, whether it be reading manga/watching anime, playing game (DotA), doing homework for college, reading online novels, or other stuff.

Alright, this is it for my first blog. My plan for the near future on blogging is to write reviews for my top 30 manga countdown and my top 20 anime countdown. Hopefully, these will be published soon.