My Projects

My Projects

My 1st project is my Top 30 Manga Series Countdown. You can find all my posts under the category Manga Ranking Countdown.

My 2nd project is my Top 25 Anime OP ED Countdown. Each post also gives a youtube video link to the featured OP or ED. You can find this under the category Anime OP-ED Countdown.

The 3rd project is Top 20 Anime & Manga Pairing Countdown, mainly categorized under Anime & Manga Pairing .

In the Anime Review section, individual reviews of  anime will be done. A special Anime Graveyard tag will be dedicated to all anime that are either drastically overrated (by MAL’s ranking) or rated below 3/10.

Your Favourite Manga Poll

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The use of various images from different manga, manhwa, and anime are permitted through the Terms of Fair Use, since these materials are being used for solely commentary purposes on this blog. All images used on this blog are found on Google. The images belong to their respective manga/anime licensing companies. 


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