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WHITE ALBUM 2 ~closing chapter~

When WA2 gets translated in English, I hope everyone enjoy it as much as I did in the past week.

the end of eternity

I’ll be with you…
Even if it means abandoning everything that matters to me.

~closing chapter~

A crappy guitarist, a talented vocalist, and a prodigious pianist: three melodies once distant came together and formed something harmonious. But as it swelled to a crescendo, it became too much for them. Something had to give, and none of their own melodies reached… Neither did their love.

Three years later, the harmony is no more. With Kazusa having long since left for Vienna, both Haruki and Setsuna are left to pick up the pieces of their fractured relationship. Held captive by their destructive memories and overtaken by a mutual guilt, it’s all Haruki can do to avoid Setsuna as he throws himself into work despite her evident hopefulness. As they’re being strangled by the string of fate it’s a wonder if he can continue avoiding her. Three distractions come in…

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